Step 1


Beginning with the feet together and looking straight ahead, extend both arms and touch the sides of the Dummy with the insides of the index knuckles. The point of contact should be at shoulder level. This motion determines the correct distance from the Dummy to begin the form.

Step 2


Sharply twist both palms upward as the elbows pull the hands inward and downward in a Double Jom Sou motion that corrects the body alignment and lean in relation to the Dummy

Step 3


Retract both elbows to pull the fists to a chambered position.

Step 4


Bend both knees

Step 5


Open the stance to Jee Keem Yeung Ma position by first turning the toes outward to a straight line, pivoting on the heels.

Step 6


Turn the heels outward to a distance slightly greater than shoulder-width by pivoting on the balls of the feet.




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