Loy Seen Wai Loy Kwun Sau, Choh Ma Jut Da Jing Jyeung ,Jing Ma Syeung Loy Jut Sau, Syeung Pau Sau


Step the left foot to the left, back to its starting position on the Semicircle, and simultaneously pivot both feet to the right as the right foot slides in to balance the stance and recover the original stance width. During this motion, without losing Bridge Contact with the right hand convert the right Jom Sau into Huen Sau with the thumb and index finger pinched together and the last three fingers pulled in to snag the Dummy arm. This hooking motion helps pull the stance around to the right as the left arm attacks the underneath of the left dummy arm.

At the completion of the motion, the right elbow has a 135 degree Structure and the left hand is angled 180 degrees in relation to the floor.

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012

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