Toy Ma Gahng/Jom Sau (Retreating Stance Pivot/Low Sweep/High Chop Block)


In an action that covers the entire Centreline but does not change the line created by the previous motion, slide the left foot backward, passing through the gap under the Dummy Leg to a point not past the Original Centreline and pivot both feet to the left.

This footwork brings the stance to a left Inside Facing Choh Ma position. During the sliding step, begin the Gahng/Jom Sau motion by snapping the left wrist inward and circling the arm into a low outward/forward Sweep Block as the right arm circles up to Jom position. Both motions simultaneously make contact with the Dummy in time with the pivot.

At the completion of the motion, the left arm should be angled so that the tucked thumb points towards your Centreline and the right hand cuts into the Centreline itself. The power of both arms, although apparently sweeping sideward to the left, is focused directly towards the Dummy's Motherline.

Power starts from the heart and shoots straight to the core of the Dummy.

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012

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