Step the right foot to the right on the Semicircle and begin to circle the right hand underneath the left Dummy arm. As the left foot slides to the right to recover the original stance width, the right elbow snaps downward, adding whipping power to the already spiraling right Tan Sau and the left arm twists inward and downward, making contact with the low Dummy arm. The contact begins at the inner left wrist, adding spinning friction that ends up at the outer forearm - this movement adds power to the technique. At the completion of the motion, the low Dummy arm should not be pointing at the trainee's body and the left elbow should be closer to the Dummy than the left wrist. The right Tan Sau should make contact with the inside right Dummy arm at the back of the hand and wrist with the palm facing directly upward. The power of both arms should be directed toward the Dummy's Mother line.

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012

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