Step the left foot to the left on the Semicircle as the left hand releases its grab, chambering for a "Spade-Palm" thrust, and the right hand drops from Fun Sau position to retrap the right Dummy Arm. Sliding the right foot inward to recover the original stance width, pivot both feet to the left as the right hand pulls inward on the right Dummy arm and the left hand shoots between both Dummy arms to a Chahng Jyeung "Spade-Palm" strike on the Centre line. At the completion of the motion, the stance should be fully pivoted to the left with the stance directly in front of the Dummy on the Original Centre line. The right palm should be pushing sideways on the right Dummy arm and the right elbow should be in Origin Position. The striking surface of the left hand is the entire palm, which is angled 45 degrees upward.

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012

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