Pivot the stance to the left as the left wrist snaps inward and then circles downward and forward to Gahng San position. Choh Ma Gahng/Jom Sau - During the downward circling motion of the left arm, the right arm thrusts forward to the outer right Dummy Arm in Jom Sau position, burning inward on the Centreline toward the Dummy's Mother line. At the completion of the motion, the right hand should be twisted 45 degrees outward so that the thumb is pointing back toward the trainee's Mother line, remaining tucked to prepare the arm and wrist for contact which is made above the wrist, with the heel of the hand not touching the low Dummy arm. The left elbow should be in and the right hand should be angled 45 degrees in relation to the floor.

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012

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