Conrad Howard was selected as one of the four tournement competitors to represent Chung Do Kwan GB for the 35th anniversary of the arrival of Kwan Jung Nim (Grandmaster) Lee Kwan Young and his Korean martial arts to France.

Grand Master Lee Kwan Young arrived in France in 1969 with an indepth knowledge of Korean martial arts. He has since spent his time passing this knowledge base of Tae Kwan Do, Hap ki Do and Judo to disciples in France and even as far as England and Scotland Wikipedia. As part of the celebrations two teams; one French and one British; were asked to compete infront of around 2,500 spectators, the majority being French. Obviously the crowd cheared for the French team and booed the British Team. Serious fighting from some serious fighters caught the crowd. All of whome were there to celebrate 35 years of the arrival of Korean martial arts to France

Written by Conrad Howard — November 20, 2012



360 defense is used for attcaks to come from outside the inner circle formed by your hands when in the semi-passive or fighting positions (punches such as haymakers, and downward/upward stabs) where as this technique is for strikes that are inside your arms, mostly jabs.That’s my understanding in any case.

October 26 2015 at 06:10 AM

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