In 2006 the second Wing Chun conference took place with woodendummy Ltd providing a Freestanding wooden dummy and demountable wooden dummy for everyone to utilise

Photos of the day. We were gratefully asked to attend the 2nd Wing Chun Conference by the organiser Alex Wright of Cyclone Wing Chun. This a very well organised event that everyone with any desire to learn the true technique, structure and posture behind the power base of Wing Chun should attend. Alan Ore gave an overvue of what he has grasped from training other forms of Martial Arts into the Wing Chun system. The freestanding wooden dummy became the central focus of alot of the demonstrations and explanations, with Alan Gibson and Trevor Jefferson having serious debates over the application and technique to be utilised when practicing using the woodendummy. During the breaks between practicing the taught application students practiced on both the Freestanding wooden dummy and the demountable wooden dummy And finally Samuel Kwok arrived to feed wisdom to the wise.

Written by Conrad Howard — November 20, 2012

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