The Teesside Wing Chun Global alliance training program is based directly from lessons received from the AWCA. Because each DVD includes a step-by-step formula for progressing through the monthly training, we simply take that program and apply it to our training.

Lessons vary depending on when you join us, but overall, you can expect the following curriculum:

1. Siu-Nim-Tau (form, drills/ applications, concepts/ theories)

2. Chi-dan-sau (Single-arm Sticking-hand)

3. Chum-Kiu (form, drills/ applications, concepts/ theories)

4. Chi-sheung-sau (Double-arm Sticking-hands)

5. Biu-Tze (form, drills/ applications, concepts/ theories)

6. Muk-Yan-Chong (form, drills/ applications, concepts/ theories)

7. Luk-Dim-Boon-Kwun (form, drills/ applications, concepts/ theories)

8. Bart-Cham-Dao (form, drills/ applications, concepts/ theories)

Remember that as we progress through the curriculum, we are all one family and learning together. This makes a huge difference in our training by having fellow classmates to work with vs. working alone.

For those who work close to Eaglescliffe we have a training room available at lunch time on various days as not everyone has the lunchtime at the same time, for those living in Thornaby and surrounding areas you can train at my home with me, at my home  I have a Muk-Yan-Chong and various tools to help with training the moves in chi-sau, but not the feel aspect of Chi-sau, you have to train with another person to learn that.

Teeside Wing Chun website

Written by Conrad Howard — November 20, 2012


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