Woodendummy Ltd is dedicated to offering high quality Wing Chun Wooden Dummys. We have the advantage of being able to pay extra special attention to every single customer. Through the workshops of our sister company in China we can cater for all the special requirements requested. Each of our Wing Chun wooden dummies are made by 3 different craftspeople who each have their own specialisation.  The body, arms and legs  are crafted from Elm trees. Elm was traditionally used as pillars in countryside houses and temples and is therefore an excellent choice when considering price & quality.


The Main characteristics of all of our NEW dummies :

The body is made out of a solid piece of wood
They all have smoothly finished arms & leg
They are available in different colours
We offer the option to carve your own name/club logo into the body.
New stock include
1 Freestanding Tripod Style Dummy
2 Freestanding Dummy and Frame
3 Reflex Half Woodendummy
4 Traditional Wall Mounted Dummy
5 Freestanding Dummy with iron base and suction cups.
And have the following specifications
Height is adjustable.
20.5 Dia. x 145cm tall

Base = 6.5cm Dia.
Tip = 3.5cm Dia.
Length = 30.5cm.
The Distance between the two top arms: 23 cm when open, 20cm when closed.

Cross section
7 cm by 7 cm (approx)
Slightly bigger at the knee. 
If you need a different model or configuration, we can offer you a custom made wooden dummy.


Only the best reclaimed old elm is used. This means that the trees were cut down a long time ago and at least 60 years old when they were cut down making this the best quality wood. This is better for the environment and also since the wood has been around for a long time It is very dry and therefore excellent for exporting. 

We choose this wood because of its special qualities. It is very strong and can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.  Old Elm wood is especially good for Wing Chun due to its outer softness and inner strength like steel wrapped with cotton. When the golden brown color streaks through the wood it looks like sun rays in a sunset. 

The best feature of the Dummy is the leg. It is one solid piece of Elm from the trunk to the ground. Also the leg has a bit of room in the trunk to move around. This makes it great for practicing sweeping techniques. 

Important Note on Care:
These solid body dummies should be kept in the normal humidity range, which is 50-60%. After extensive testing we have found that most dummies endure well at 40% humidity, but anything under that (esp 25-30% humidity) can cause cracking. This range is considered ideal for humans as well as dummies.
Please get a good hydrometer (they are cheap) to monitor the humidity in the area the dummy will be kept.
Prevention of cracks is your responsibility.
The dummies can be acclimatized to the arid environments, over the course of 6 months to a year, by slowly droping the humidity in the room over that time until it is 30% or lower.
Most dummies will crack when an A/C or heater is turned on and the relative humidity in a room drops 20% or more in a day.
These rapid humidity changes are to be avoided.

Written by Conrad Howard — November 20, 2012

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