Hi Conrad
Ref - Solid Woodendummy and Leather Spring Leg
I thought you might like to know that I've now installed the wooden dummy,
and am very pleased with the product.
I managed to bend the T bracket of the leg ok. I started by hammering it
using a cloth over the dummy body as a former. Once I'd got a bit of curve
on it, I did most of the bending just using some maul grips.
I've stained the arms using Ronseal walnut wood stain (5 year).
The lower pad provided a good guide for positioning the leg on the body. The
centres of the top and bottom wall beams are 5" from the ends of the body.
I've attached a photo - please feel free to use this if you wish, and pass
on my fitting experiences to any new customers too.
Kind regards,
Philip Green

Written by Conrad Howard — June 29, 2014

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