We met Woodendummy at Seni in 2006 when Garry Allsopp first practiced on the spring armed version of the Freestanding woodendummy. Since then we have been advocates for all aspects of the woodendummy equipment

Wooden Dragon Martial Art Gwoon is the first of it's kind in the region. Wing Tai Ch'uan Gung Fu is a new martial art for the Millenium, developed by Sijo Garry Allsopp in 1997 and endorsed by Martial Arts All Styles (MAAS). Wing Tai Ch'uan is a combination of the essences and principles of two Chinese martial arts; namely Tai Chi Ch'uan and Wing Chun. The rooting of Wing Tai Ch'uan is Tai Chi as this develops through Chi Gungs the soft but strong internal Chi Energy, necessary to strengthen the internal body. The woodendummy is an essential part of our training from developing punching power to flowing with the spring arms to perfecting angle and structure.

Contact Number: 07913618042

Email: postbox@wingtaichuan.org.uk

Written by Conrad Howard — November 21, 2012

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