The Chang Moo Kwan was founded at the YMCA in the Jong Ro section of Seoul in 1946 by Yoo: Byung In. In Japanese-occupied Korea, Yoon is said to have studied a Chinese system of self defense known as JOO an pa. This system is more commonly known as chuan fa. He then moved to Japan to attend the Nihon University. While there he studied karate under the direction of Toyama Kanken, the founder of Shotokan karate. When Korea gained independence, Yoon returned to his homeland and taught karate at the Chosun Yun Moo Kwan Kwon Bup Bu. He later became independant opened the YMCA Kwon Bup Bu or Chang Moo Kwan in 1946. This school initially had over 500 students, but Yoon's training method was so severe that fewer than 200 students remained after only a few months.

In 1946 Lee Nam Suk was named the first official instructor of the Chang Moo Kwan. When Yoon Byung In went missing in action during the Korean War, it was Lee Nam Suk and Kim Soon Bae, another advanced student of Yoon's, who reopened the school at the Seoul YMCA at the end of the war.

The Kang Duk Won

As the second incarnation of the Chang Moo Kwan came into existence in 1953, Lee Nam Suk and Kim Soon Bae had disagreements with two other senior students: Hong Jung Pyo and Park Chul Hee. These two men left and formed the Kang Duk Won, "House of Teaching Generosity," in the nearby Shin Sul Dong district of Seoul in 1956.

Written by Conrad Howard — November 21, 2012

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