Most systems of martial arts promote the philosophy that practitioners should constantly be aware of their environment and be at one with nature. The philosophy of taekwondo is designed to teach practitioners to raise their body and mind to a new level of physical and mental awareness. "These abstract concepts are lost to the minds of most modern practitioners of the martial arts.

The philosophy of taekwondo, however, is rooted in reality. First, it trains the body of the practitioner. The mind then naturally falls into place. Through taekwondo's refined physical training, the practitioner is no longer dominated by the fears that plague modern society—such as being accosted on a dark street corner or being overpowered by a bully. From the knowledge that one can protect oneself comes the experience of assuredness. Those who are self-assured are not swayed by the need to prove that they are better and stronger than others, or that they can overpower someone else. Instead, the taekwondo practitioner can embrace self-confidence without the need for conflict or confrontation. From this arises a oneness of body and mind, which causes the taekwondo practitioner to enter a state of physical harmony. As time progresses this harmony is projected from the individual, thereby making the world a better place.

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012

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