Ahn ging (ngahn ging), jut ging, woonging - elastic energy, jerk or shock power, wrist snap

Ahn woon (ngahn woon) - alternating snapping wrist motion

Bai joang - ready position, fighting stance

Bai ying - loss of balance

Bau ja ging - whipping or exploding energy (one of 8 types of power)

Bau ja lick - exploding power

Biu gwun - thrusting pole technique

Biu jee - "thrusting fingers", 3rd hand form Biu jee ma, seep ma - outward/forward arc step, form of som gock ma. (upper body does not turn)

Biu joang sau - thumb-up thrusting hand high-line conversion of tan sau

Biu sau- palm-down outward/forward thrusting hand

Boang doh - 135 degree knife deflection

Boang gyeuk - outer shin block

Boang sau- "wing arm" 135 degree elbow-it deflection, 2nd family of blocks

Bock - the shoulder

"bock gaibock jeet" - "for every attack there is a counteraction"

Bock wui - chi flow point at middle/top of head

Boh lay ying - "glass" technique, trapping the structure with position

“bot”jom doh - "8 slash" short  broadswords, 2nd weapon form

Chahng dai jyeung, dai chahng jyeung, juck jyeung - low "spade palm" thrust

Chahng geng - "spade palm" thrust to throat

Chahng jyeung - upward outer palm edge thrust. "spade palm" thrust

Chai gyeuk  - scraping kick, stomping kick (one of 8 kicks)

Chai hau gyeuk (yai hau gyeuk) – to attack the rear leg

Chai sut  - to stomp the knee

Chau kuen, juen kuen- drilling punch palm-up mid-level punch

Chee – stickiness

Chee don gyeuk, don chee gyeuk -single sticky foot 2 man exercise

Chee don sau, don chee sau – single sticks' hand 2 man exercise

Chee ging - sticking energy (one of 8 types of power)

Chee gwun - "sticky pole" 2 man exercise

Chee gyeuk - "sticky foot"

Chee sau - "sticky hand"

Chee sun - "sticky body", closing in

Chee syeung sau, syeung chee sau, poon syeung sau- double sticky hand 2 man exercise

Cheen chong ma - forward stance bracing

Cheh kuen - straight punch executed while retracting the opposite hand

Cheh sau, gum jahng - downward arm bar

Cheong kiu - "long bridge", straight arm position with elbow locked out

Chi (hay) - internal strength

Chikung (haygoang) – internal energy exploding externally

Chiu meen jui ying - straight-on facing and chasing

Choang ging - aggressive energy (one of 8 types of power)

Choh ma - "sitting horse" stance, to pivot the stance (one of 5 moving stances)

Chong ma - stance bracing

Choong kuen - straight punch

Chop kuen - palm-down low-level punch

Chuen ging - "inch" power, short thrust power

Chuen ging kuen - 1 inch punch, short punch

Chuen lum - stancbwork practice between "plum flower" poles or other obstacles

Chui ging - storing energy

Chum jahng - "sinking elbow" block or strike

Chum kiu - "searchjng for the bridge", 2nd hand form

Chum kiu - sizing bridge hand, double inward twisting joint lock

Chum sun - to evade by sinking the body, ducking

Chuo doh - downward strike with the bottom of the kntte handle

Chuo kuen - hammer fist

Da - to strike, use after tan, pock, jut etc. To denote simultaneous attack/ defense movements (complex attacks) e.g. tan da

Da poh see gan - breaking timing (one of 4 types of timing)

Dai - low-level, use with attack or defense to denote low level block, hit or kick. E.g. dai boang sau

Dai boang sau - low-level "wing arm" deflection

Dai chahng jyeung, chahng dai jyeung, juck jyeung - low "spade palm" thrust

Dai ging - directing energy (one of 8 types of power)

Dai gyeuk - low kick

Dai jyeung - low-level palm thrust

Dai kiu - guide bridge

Dai pock sau - low-level sideward/ forward slap block

Dai yiu - guiding hip trap

Day ha chee gyeuk - ground fighting

Day ha jing gyeuk - front kick executed from a supine position

Day ha wahng gyeuk - side kick executed from a supine position

Ding jahng - butting elbow

Ding sau -bent wrist block or strike, "j" hand

Doh - the knife

Doh jahng - "the elbow of the knife", strike with the front of the knife handle

Don chee gyeuk, chee don gyeuk - single sticky foot 2 man exercise

Don chee sau, chee don sau – single sticky hand 2 man exercise

Don teen - energy storage area, center of body weight

Dook lop ma, jing dook lop ma -"independent" single leg stance

Doy gock gyeuk - diagonal leg block

Doy gock kuen - diagonal punch (inside or outside)

Duen ging - short thrust powder

Duen kiu fai boh - short bridge/fast steps - characteristic of wing chun

Duen kuen - short punch

Dung gyeuk - lifting kick (one of 8 kicks)

Dyeung gyeuk - "nailing" kick (one of 8 kicks)

Fatshan - area of china where wing chun originated

Fay jahng - "flying elbow', elbow position too far out

Fock doh - spring energy upward chop block or strike with the sharpened edge of the knife

Fock sau - thumb-down spring energy upward chop block or strike. High-line conversion of boang sau

Fon doh - knife throw at the beginning of the "bot" jom doh form

Fonkuen - continually turning over to punch, as in lop sau. "whip" punch

Fon sau - to turn the hands over, trapping hands

Fon sun - to regain an advantageous body position

Fookdoh - downward block with the knife

Fook gyeuk - downward block with the foot

Fook sau - block using middle of hand, 3rd family of blocks

Fook sut - downward block with the knee

Foong ngon choy, foong ngon kuen -"phoenix eye  index knuckle punch

Fot ging - releasing energy

Fundoh - outward horizontal knife chop

Fun jahng, soang jahng – horizontal outward elbow strike (one of five elbows)

Fun sau, wahng jyeung – outward horizontal chop

Gahng da - simultaneous low sweep block/strike

Gahng doh - low outward/forward sweeping block with the knife

Gahng gyeuk - three part leg conditioning 2 man exercise, inward/forward shin block

Gahng/jom doh- simultaneous low sweep/high chop complex block with the knife

Gahng/jom sau- simultaneous low sweep /high chop complex block

Gahng sau - low outward/forward sweeping block

Gan jeep ging - connecting energy (one of 8 types of power)

"geen ying da ying" - "if you see movement, strike toward it", "react to a fake as if it was real"

Geep jahng - "clamping elbow", elbow position too far in

Ging - energy of motion

Giu sau - forcing the subjects hand back across the centerline, un-desirable tactic

Goang ging - steel bar power

Goang lick chee sau - extreme powder sticky hand

Goang sau - actual combat

Gock ng sing - 5 blocking motions drill

Goh kuet - maxims, combat theory

Goh lob - high-level

Gum da - simultaneous press/strike

Gum dor - downward/forward block with the flat side of the knife

Gum gock ging, jee gock ging - feeling energy, sensitivity (one of 8 types of power)

Gum gyeuk - downard press with the foot

Gum jahng, cheh sau - downward arm bar

Gum jyeung - low palm-down palm edge thrust

Gum sau - downward/forward palm block, pressing hand

Gum top - pyramid

Gun gwot gay - tendons, bones & muscles

Gup gau sau - emergency techniques of the biu jee form

Gwai  jahng - downward elbow strike - wrist inward (one of five elbows)

Gwai sut - downward knee block or strike

Gwoh don sau- combat single sticky hand 2 man exercise

Gwoh sau - combat sticky hand 2 man exercise

Gwot doh, "yut''jee doh - double up/down vertical knife sweep

Gwot gyeuk - using the leg to sweep the subject's leg from one line to another

"gwot jeet fot lick" – power generated by bone joints

Gwot sau - carrying the subject's hand from one line to another pa5t the center

Gyeuk - the leg, the foot. Can also indicate a foot or leg block or strike

Gyeuk soh - leg trap, form of stance trapping.

Gyeung jee kuen - "ginger fist"

Ha don teen, wui yum - lower portion f energy storage area

Ha loh - low-level

Hahng sau - long bridge palm-down downward/forward/side ward block

Hau chahng jyeung - rearward/ downward low palm edge thrust

Hau chong ma - backward stance bracing

Hau don teen, ming moon - rear of energy storage area

Hau huen juen ma, hau huen, hau juen - backward turning step through

Hay goang (chi kung) – internal energy exploding externally

Hay gwun, tai gwun - raising pole motion

Hay jahng, tai jahng - raising elbow block or strike (one of five elbows)

Hay kuen, tai kuen- raising punch

Hay sau, tai sau - raising hand, upward long bridge technique

Hay sut, tai sut - rising knee strike or block

Hoang jai ging - controlling energy (one of r twes of powder)

Hoy ma - to open the horse stance

Hoy sick - opening position sequence at the beginning of each form

Huen da - simultaneous circling block/strike

Huen doh - circling knife

Huen fook sau - to circle the hand into fook sau position

Huen gwun - circling pole

Huen gyeuk - circle kick (one of 8 kicks)

Huen jing gyeuk - circle front kick

Huen sau- circling hand

Huen wahng gyeuk - circle side kick

Jahng - the elbow

Jahng dai lick - elbow power

Jai joh see can - created timing (one of 4 types of timing)

Jau ma - mobile horse stance

Jau sau - running hand

Jau wai -to step to another line

Jee - the fingers

Jee gock chee sau - light "feeling" sticky hand

Jee gock ging, gum gock ging -feeling energy, sensitivity (one of 8 types of power)

Jeep joke meen - control of power

Jeep sau - bridge (forearm) catching hand

Jeet gyeuk – stopkick

Jick choong - any straight strike

Jick choong kuen - straight punch

Jick joong seen, jick seen – vertical motherline

Jicksut soh - straight knee lock

Jing dock lop ma, dook lop ma - "independent" single leg stance

Jing gyeuk - toes-up straight kick

Jing jyeung - vertical palm strike

Jing moon choong - direct frontal assault

Jing ngau gyeuk - toes-up hooking foot

Joang sau - extended forward hand of ready position, forward guiding hand

Joh fun - traditional rules of conduct

Jom doh - inward/downward chop block or strike with the knife

Jom sau - inward/downward chop block or strike

Joong loh - mid-level

Joong loh kuen - mid-level punch

Joong see - grandmaster of a style

Joong seen - the centerline

Juen bock - turning shoulder strike or block

Juen ging - drilling power

Juen kuen, chau kuen - drilling punch, palm-up mid-level punch

Juen ma - turning the stance

Juck jyeung, chahng dai jyeung, dai chahng jyeung - low "spade palm" thrust

Jui ying – chasing

Jut gyeuk - jerking kick. (one of 8 kicks'), inward or outward leg block with the calf and ankle

Jut ging, ahn ging (ngahn ging), woon ging - jerk or shock power, elastic energy, wrist snap

Jut sau - jerking hand

Jyeh lick - to "borrow strength"

Jyeung - the palm

Kau da - simultaneous palm/finger hook/ strike

Kau sau - hooking palm (fingers controlling)

Kau yiu - jamming hip trap

Kiu - bridge, the forearm

Kuen - the fist

Kuen siu kuen - "fist parries fist", using a centerline punch to deflect an oncoming punch

Kuen toh - hand form, set.

Kum la sau - joint locking, grabbing or seizing techniques

Kup - and -  used in linking terms together to describe complex motions. E.g. tan da kup yas sut

Kwok sau - double spreading huensau motion

Kwun sau - rolling arms block

Lai sau - double grab/pull

Lau sau - scooping hand

Lau sut sou - testing knee lock

Leen goang jau - herbal liniment used for "iron palm" training

Leen lop sau - cross grab

Leen siu dai da - economy of motion

Leen wan kuen - continuous chain punching

Lick - strength, power

Lon doh - horizontal knife block or strike

Lon gwun - horizontal pole block or strike

Lon gyeuk - horizontal leg block

Lon sau - cross hand horizontally blocking, cross pull or push with the elbow bent 90 degrees

"look deem boon" gwun - "6 1/2 point" long pole, 1st weapon form

Look sau - rolling arms sticky hand 2 man exercise

Lop - to grab

Lop fook - grab from fook sau position

Lop/kausau - 2 man grabbing exercise

Lop sau - grabbing hand, controlling hand, 2 man trapping exercise

Loy doy gock kuen - inward diagonal punch

Loy fon kuen - inside whip punch

Loy goang - inner strength

Loy jut sau - inside jerking hand, inward/dowward snapping wrist block

Loy kwun sau - inward rolling arms block

Loy lau hoy soang, lut sau jick choong - "retain what is coming in and send off what is retreating rush in upon loss of arm contact."

Loy moon - inside gate

Loy moon kuen - inside gate punch

Loy ngau gyeuk - inside leg hook with foot

Loy seen wai - inside facing

Lut sau chee gyeuk - hand and leg sparring

Lut sau chee sau - hand sparring wtthout prior bridge contact

Ma boh - moving stancework exercises

Mai jahng - correct elbow position

Ming moon, hau don teen - rear of energy storage area

Moh ying gyeuk - "shadowless" kick, invisible kick

Moke lick - eye power, eye control

Mook yan joang - wooden dummy

Mook yan joang fot yut ling bot – 108 movements of the wooden dummy, wooden dummy form

Mui fa joang - "plum flower" posts

Mun sau - "asking hand", initial motion used to set up a second motion

Ng mui - joh see, or founder of wing chun

Ngahn doh - downward snap of knives

Ngahn ging (ahn ging), jut ging, Woon ging - elastic energy, jerk or shock power, wrist snap

Ngahn gwun - downward horizontal snap of the pole

Ngahn woon (ahn woon) – alternating snapping wrist

Ngau gyeuk (au gyeuk) - hooking foot

Ngon sun - eye radiance, focus and expression

Ngoy doy gock kuen – outward diagonal punch

Ngoy fon kuen - outside whip punch

Ngoy jut sau - outside jerking hand, outward/upward snapping wrist block

Ngoykwun sau - outward rolling arms block

Ngoy moon - outside gate

Ngoy seen wai - outside facing

Noylick – endurance

Pai jahng, wahng jahng – horizontal inward elbow strike (one of five elbows)

Pau jyeung, pau sau, tock sau - palm- up upward/forward block, reverse vertical palm strike

Peng seen, wahng joong seen, wahng seen - horizontal elbow level motherline

Pock da - simultaneous slap block/ strike

Pock doh - outward/forward slap block with the flat side of the knife

Pock gyeuk - slapping foot block

Pock sau - outward/forward slap block

Pob joong kuen - center breaking punch

Poh pai jyeung, pob pai sau – twin palm strike

Pon geng sau -neck pulling hand

Poon syeung sau, chee syeung sau, syeung chee sau - double sticky hand - 2 man exercise

Sansau- prearranged techniques, practical application of techniques from the forms

Sau - the hand (can also indicate arm or hand block)

Sau gyeuk toang chee – combination sticky hand/sticky foot 2 man combat exercise

Sau jahng - retracting elbow strike (one of five elbows)

Sau kuen - retracting the fist to the chambered position

Sau fot - hand techniques

Sau sick - closing position sequence at the end of each form

Say peng ma - square horse stance used in pole form

See dai - a male classmate who joined the school after you

See foo (sifu) - your teacher

See gan sing – timing

See goong - your teacher's teacher

See sing - a male classmate who joined the school before you

See jeh - a female classmate who joined the school before you

See joh - an ancestor, within the system, teacher of see goong

See moh - your teacher's wife

See mui - a female classmate who joined the school after you

See sook - your teacher's see dai

See tai - wife of see goong

Seen wai – facing

Seen wai miu yoang - proper, use of attack or defense lines in combat

Seep ma, biu jee ma - outward/forward arc step. Form of som gock ma. (upper body does not turn)

Siu leem tau - "little idea", 1st hand form

Siu sau - parrying hand

Soang bock - retracting shoulder drill

Soang jahng, fun jahng - horizontal outward elbow strike (one of five elbows)

Soh gyeuk - sweeping kick (one of 8 kicks)

Som gock ma - triangle horse stance moving (one of 5 moving stances)

Som gwan - the three joints of the arm

Sun ying soh - body trap, form of stance trapping

Sup chut yiu - the seventeen "musts"

"sup" jee sau - "figure 10" low level crossed arm position

Sut - the knee

Syeung – double - used to indicate double movements. E.g. syeung tan sau

Syeung – advancing

Syeung bock - advancing shoulder drill

Syeung chee gyeuk, chee syeung gyeuk - combat double sticks' foot

Syeung chee sau, chee syeung sau, poon syeung sau - double sticky hand 2 man exercise

Syeung choang see can, toh yeen see gan - double or delayed timing (one of 4 types of timing)

Syeung don teen - area between eyes used in chi meditation

Syeung kuen - simultaneous low/high double punch

Syeung ma - advancing stance (upper body turns), advancing after a kick. (one of 5 moving stances)

Tahng ging - springy power

Tai gwun, hay gwun - raising pole motion

Tai jahng, hay jahng - raising elbow strike (one of five elbows)

Tai kuen, hay kuen - raising punch

Tai sau, hay sau - raising hand, upward long bridge technique

Tai sut, hay sut - raising knee block or strike

Tan da - simultaneous palm-up block/strike

Tan doh - palm-up outward/torward block wth the unsharpened edge of knife

Tan gyeuk - outward leg block

Tan/pock sau - simultaneous palm-up/sideward slap complex block

Tansau - palm-up outward/forward block with inside of hand, 1st family of blocks

Tan sut - outward knee block

Teet da - treatment of injuries such as bruising, sprains or strains

Teet da jau - herbal liniment used for external healing

Teet sa jyueng - "iron palm" sandbag training

Teo gyeuk - jumping kick, (one of 8 kicks)

Tiu gwun - upward 45 degree snap of the pole

Tiu gyeuk - instep lift kick, ("one of 8 kicks)

Tock sau, pau jyeung, pau sau- palm up upward/forward block, reverse vertical palm strike

Toh dai- student

Toh ma - step/slide stance advancing (one of 5 moving stances)

Toh suen - grandstudent, student of your student

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012

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