After the first 60 motions of the Wooden Dummy can be executed smoothly with power and proper Structure, the student becomes eligible for consideration to be taught the Biu Jee, or "Shooting Fingers" form, which even in today's modern society is still considered to be a privilege to be shown by many Wing Chun masters. As another old Wing Chun proverb goes, Biu Jee Mm Chuet Moon or The Shooting Fingers form does not go out the door, meaning that outsiders are not to be shown its secrets. Nowadays, some masters are opening up more and more in the interest of spreading the art. This is a very fortunate for those of us who would not otherwise be able to appreciate its highly sophisticated and technical wonder. Besides having completed the necessary prerequisites of Siu Leem Tau, Chum Kiu and Part I of the Mook Yan Joang form, along with all their related drills and techniques, he or she must also be worthy of such knowledge and have consistently displayed the sense of responsibility required. This means not only self control and trustworthiness, but patience, loyalty to the school and the ability to get along with fellow students, abstaining from fighting or otherwise misusing the knowledge of Wing Chun concepts and principles.

At Biu Jee level, the student begins formal training in Chee Gyeuk, or Sticky Foot technique. Sticky Foot is a form of controlled leg sparring which has various set patterns to be drilled as well as a freeform version known as Double Sticky Foot, where spontaneous reflex action is developed in the legs in a manner similar to the hands. Chee Gyeuk training also encompasses ground fighting — Day Ha Chee Gyeuk, which teaches the Wing Chun fighter to attack and defend when one or both fighters go to the floor. Kicking is practiced from a supine position, aimed up at a standing opponent. Various wrestling, joint-locking, trapping and striking motions previously applied from an upright fighting position are taught at the Biu Jee level, applied from the same supine position on the floor. Sticky Hand training also advances further at this level. For example, the Gwoh Sau combat Sticky Hand exercise is practiced with one or both trainees blind- folded. Multiple partner Sticky Hand practiced by Biu Jee level students helps to prepare them for the possibility of multiple  attackers  in  a real  combat situation. More emphasis is placed on improving the ability to close and leave the gap or attacking and defending from a position where both fighters are apart without Bridge Contact. This training, known as Lut Sau Chee Sau, can be combined with Chee Gyeuk technique to create Lut Sau Chee Gyeuk or Wing Chun terminology for free sparring with hands and feet.

Other areas of Biu Jee development are the Internal and External exercises known as Hay Goang (Chi Kung) and Teet Sa Jyeung (Iron Palm). The former trains and improves the ability to circulate and direct the flow of Chi, resulting in more powerful and explosive technique while the latter develops the bones, muscles, tendons and blood vessels of the hands to strengthen and toughen them. This is important because by Biu Jee level, the student is able to generate a substantial amount of Whipping Power (Bau Ja Ging) with the hands, and they must be strong enough to withstand the impact of their own potential power. Biu Jee students are encouraged to delve more
deeply into the theories behind the system and to prepare themselves to become instructors of the art. This implies that they must be completely familiar with all aspects of Wing Chun, both physical and mentally as well as having developed spiritually. A true master of Wing Chun should be compassionate, helping the disabled, the elderly and the poor. He or she must be knowledgeable, humble, respectful and non-violent, setting a proper example to all Wing Chun students.

Analysis of form by Trevor Jefferson

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012

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