The first form, called Siu Leem Tau, or The Little Idea teaches the student the basic  motions as well as many of the concepts, or ideas of the system. The concept of Centre line which is the backbone of the system is introduced in its basic form at this stage. The trainee simultaneously learns the basic stance together with how to relax in motion, sink the weight, remain calm and use power correctly as well as the principles behind each of the attacking and defending motions from the form.

Once these qualities are developed, the student then begins learning the five basic footwork patterns, called Moving Stances (Ma Boh) and a series of drills to build better Technique, Power, Timing and Angle Structure. He or she continues practicing the Siu Leei Tau form and will begin developing the internal skills of mind clearing, quietness, weight and energy sinking and softness, which in Wing Chun means flexible strength. At this level, the student also begins training in Chee Sau,  or Sticky Hands, called this because of the way two persons arms cling together with forward reciprocal energy flowing between them. The trainee's first Sticky Hands drill is known as Chee Don Sau, or Single Sticky Hand. This gives the student a good foundation in basic Wing Chun reaction and sensitivity called Gum Gock Ging.

analysis of form

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012

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