By the time the student has reached a substantial mastery of the first two hand forms, he or she is ready to begin formal training on the Mook Yan Joang - the "Wooden Dummy", which he or she has by now already been using to train basic blocking and kicking motions as well as to toughen the limbs to prepare them for contact with another person in the two-man drills.

The Wooden Dummy is a man-sized post with three arms and one leg set at strategic angles. Training on the Mook Yan Joang develops an ability to release one's power smoothly into a stationary object. Some other areas developed during this phase are; Line Structure, ability to close, flowing from one motion to the next and a more realistic application of hand and leg motions. Due to the perfect angle of the Wooden Dummy's Structure, even the slightest error in one's own Structure tends to be magnified and can therefore be immediately recognized and corrected.

The entire form of Wooden Dummy motions, called ''Mook Yan Joang Fot Yut Ling Bot "contains 108 techniques as do all Wing Chun sets. The first 60 motions are taught to the student whilst also introducing the movements found in Siu Leem Tau or Chum Kiu.. Only after completion of the next phase (Biu Jee) can the remaining 48 motions of the Dummy be learned. This is because Part II of the form is made up of motions which have not yet been introduced. Many kicking techniques that do not appear in the second or third form are found in this half of the Wooden Dummy form. For examples Sweeping Kick, Hooking Foot, Wing Leg, Raising Knee Strike and other leg manoeuvres. Much is learned by constant practice with the Mook Yan Joang. Students learn to direct power properly, keeping the body at the proper distance from the Dummy and the correct angle in relation to the Centeriine. Sticking Energy, or Chee Ging, is developed further as is Body Unity and Connecting Energy (Gan Jeep Ging) while moving the stance in and out as the hands flow up and down from one side of the Dummy to the other. Eye Focusing Power, called ''Ngon Ging", learned at Chum Kiu level is put into play as the eyes remain constantly fixed on the Centeriine throughout the many subtle and radical changes of the line that take place during the form.

Another training implement is introduced to the student at Mook Yan Joang level. Called the "Mui Fa Joang", or "Plum Flower Posts", it is a set of six 5" to 8" diameter rounded stakes anchored in the ground and set in a perfect pentagonal pattern with one stake dead centre. The height of the posts can be anywhere from 1' to 6', depending on the intended application. Various types of footwork can be practiced and perfected both on the top of the level horizontal surfaces of the posts and on the ground between the posts. The vertical surfaces of the posts can also be hit or kicked as well.

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012

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