The Wooden Dummy movements are divided into eight sections as follows:

Section one 

Ten movements beginning from the left Prefighting posture, mainly consisting of the neck pulling hand, the left and right Tan-sau, Lower lying palm and Jaun-sau. In this section stress is placed on footwork.

Section two 
Ten movements beginning from the right Prefighting posture.

Section three 
Ten movements, which begin from the Pak-Sau movement - Slap blocks. Stress is laid on the variation sof the slap block from the inside and outside areas. This section also offers valuable palm exercises for both attacks and defense.

Section four 
Nine movements which begin from the Lower Bong Sau. The importance of this section lies in the co-ordination of the side thrusting kick and the variations of the inquisitive arms. With practice, this section enables the Kung Fu student to defend against a powerful attack whilst freeing an arm or a leg for a counter attack.

Section five 
Twenty one movements beginning from the double Tan Sau. The student learns how to use the required amount of force to sneak into the opponents defence line and attack the weak points.

Section six 
Fifteen movements beginning from the Fook Sau. Consisting of Poh Pai Jyeung, Fook Sau, Gaun Sau, Kau Sau, Jut Sau, Bong Sau and Tan Sau. This series of movements gives training in the application of the Po Pai Jyeung (Double palms) technique.

Section seven 
Fifteen movements beginning with the high and low Gaun-sau. Stress is laid on the changing of the Bong Sau to the grappling hand and its application in co-ordination with other palm attacks. The most tactical kicking technique in the Wing Tsuen system appears in this section.

Section eight 
Twenty six movements, beginning from the left and right Lower Bong Sau, and ending at the withdrawal movement. Most of the kicking techniques are included in this section

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012


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