The classical Wing Tsuen system of Kung Fu is quite simple in comparison to other Kung Fu styles. There is a distinct lack of acrobatic leaps and extreme looping motions. It is a system based on the motions of the human body not on animals. The entire system is very complete. The movements of one phase of development perfectly countering those of another, only to be countered by a third which in turn can be overcome by the first. There is no single Wing Tsuen technique that can not be overcome by another. 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'.

The system is comprised of only three hand forms, one wooden dummy form and two weapon sets. Although the forms are few and easy to learn, to master them requires patience, perseverance and determination. This mastery is vital as the forms are considered the keys to the system.

The system can trace its roots back to the Siu Lum (Shaolin) temple, located at sung mountain in the Ho Nan Province of China. During the period known as the Ching Dynasty the temple became a place of refuge for rebel forces - Ming patriots sworn to overthrow the Ching regime. The Siu Lum Monastery offered a safe haven for the patriots. Manchu rulers eventually heard of the Siu Lum monastery's sympathy for and aid to the Ming patriots through the treachery of a monk named Ma Ling Yee, who knew of the temples week point and aided the Chings by setting fire to the temple. Many of the monks perished in the fire in approximately 1674 AD However among the survivors were the 'Five Elders', Jee Seen, Fung Do Tak, Pak Mei, Mui Heen, and the Buddhist Nun Ng Mui.

Ng Mui fled to a place called Bock Hock Gwoon - 'White Crane' temple that was located on Tai Leung Mountain. On one of her frequent visits to the village below, she met a beautiful young girl called Yim Wing Chun who with her father Yim Yee, sold been curd in the village. Ng Mui became a regular customer of Yim Wing Chun and her father. It was through their close relationship that Ng Mui learned of a landowner who had been attracted to the beauty of the young Yim Wing Chun, and was demanding her hand in marriage despite the fact that she had already been promised to another, and that she and her father refused to allow any breach of the betrothal.

The landowner had already threatened bodily harm to Yim Wing Chun and her father so Ng Mui decided to take Yim Wing Chun as her student and revealed to her the secret complex fighting system she had mastered at the Monastery - her own combination of techniques from the various styles of Kung Fu taught at Siu Lum. The techniques selected were those that relied more on speed and agility, rather than muscular strength

After learning Ng Mui's fighting system Yim Wing Chun returned to her village and using her new-found skill, challenged and soundly defeated the landowner. She then went on to marry her intended fiancée, Leung Bock Sau, and continued to practice and improve on the fighting system passed on to her by Ng Mui.

Written by Conrad Howard — November 22, 2012

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