Freestanding Woodendummy

This is a totally freestanding Woodendummy. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DUMMY DOES NOT REQUIRE ADDITIONAL WEIGHTS FOR STABILITY. The base provides all the weight and stability required to execute excellent technique. It can stand anywhere inside or outside without being bolted to the floor or walls. It CAN NOT be kicked or punched to the floor.

This design is perfect for any practitioner that does not have the space or permanent wall location to use a wall mounted dummy, and for instructors looking for a portable Wooden Dummy that can be used for demonstrations or club training.

The body, arms and legs are crafted from Elm wood from sustainable sources. Elm was traditionally used to make houses and temples in China. It is an ideal choice when choosing a high quality product at an affordable price.


  • Ideal for hard and gentle application of the correct technique.
  • Base and body can be separated in minutes for transportation to a club or demonstrations.
  • The body incorporates the holes at the side required to use the body with either a wall mounted or free-standing frame.
  • Adjustable to different heights – adjustable in increments of 50mm.
  • Solid Wood Body
  • Colour, style and material choices available
  • There is the option to carve your own name/logo into the body - This will take slightly longer. Please contact us and supply your own logo.
  • Get a different customised model as per your specifications.

Product Specification:

  • Height adjustment:
    • The height is adjustable using the stainless steel height adjustment - This adds between 300mm and 450mm to the overall height.
  • Base:
    • Length: 100cm
    • Width: 50cm
  • Body:
    • 20.5cm Diameter
    • 145cm tall plus height adjustment of 300, 350, 400 or 450mm.
    • In its lowest position the top two arms are 140cm off the floor.
    • In its highest position the top two arms are 155cm off the floor
    • Top of body is between 175cm and 190cm off the floor
    • Different sizes made to order.
    • Incorporates the holes at the side required to use the body with either a wall mounted or free-standing frame.
  • Leg:
    • Stainless steel or traditional Elmwood – Elmwood supplied as standard.
    • Stainless steel leg extends 350mm from the dummy body.
    • Elmwood leg has a Cross section of 7 cm by 7 cm (approximately), and slightly bigger at the knee
  • Arms:
    • Base 6.5cm Dia.
    • Tip 3.5cm Dia.
    • Length: 30.5cm.
    • The Distance between the two top arms: 23 cm when open, 20cm when closed.

If you need a different model or configuration, we can also offer you a custom made wooden dummy.

Get in touch!!!

We currently have a waiting list for all large items - if they are in stock they will be despatched immediately - we will email a delivery date once ordered - Please contact us before ordering for availability as some large items are made to order.

There will also be import duty to pay on receipt of the dummy, unless the item is already in stock. Please contact your local FEDEX to learn the exact amount and contact us to see if the dummy is in stock before ordering.

Please note that we are unable to accept returns on any orders that have been modified or differ in any way from the standard dummy.


Woodendummy - Faster and suppler than ever before. For general enquiries and orders contact: 07776287498 or email conrad@woodendummy.co.uk

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