Leather and steel Spring Leg

If you are after realistic leg movement to ensure trapping and tripping techniques are effective and do not cause you to overbalance then this is the leg for you


  • Unique design - This leg is not seen anywhere else in the world.
  • This is new to our collection of high quality martial arts equipment.
  • High quality product
  • Competitive rates

Product Specification:

Leg movement

  • It has a pivot point at the connection to the dummy body that allows 45 degree movement in both directions - just like the hip.
  • It also has a spring at the 'knee' joint to give realistic movement similar to the assailants knee joint.

 Leather covering

  • The above high quality structure is then clad in a thick layer of padding and covered in high quality black cow hide.


  • Each leg is supplied with a stainless steel attachment.
  • Please advise if this is going to be attached to an existing dummy or wall on purchase.


The leg has a

  • 'thigh' diameter of 15cm
  • 'ankle' diameter of 8cm
  • Each leg extends 450cm from the dummy body


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