Wholesale opportunities are now available at Woodendummy Ltd. If you have an online retail business that caters to the martial arts community and you’re looking for quality wooden dummies or other products to sell on your site then we have a great opportunity for you. We are now offering great volume discounts to the retail merchant community. Depending on the size of your order you can receive from 20% up to 40% off of our Web price. Our wholesale pricing starts on orders as low as £1,500 or 15 dummies (Please contact us if you are interested in a quantity of other products).

This incredible savings allows you to sell one of the best wooden dummies available while receiving high profit margins to pass onto your club. For example: If your order qualifies for a 40% discount on a dummy priced at £745, your cost would only be £447. That leaves you with £298 in potential profit (depending on your selling price). With generous profit margins like this, it’s possible to offer great sales prices as well as school discounts to your potential customers. And as you already know, the more flexible you can be in business, the more opportunities you’ll have to make money.

Do you have a specific design that you want built and want to be sure that no one else sells it? Perhaps you have a specific “Family Lineage” that uses a unique design? Woodendummy have your answer. Before beginning a customized order we will be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure that your design is never made public, and is never offered to another retailer. This gives your organisation the ability to truly offer a “Unique One of a Kind” style of dummy that no other retailer has without the fear of your design being copied or stolen by other unscrupulous manufacturers.

Why worry about the stress and headaches that come with selling an unknown manufacturers products. The Woodendummy “Brand Name” is known throughout the world. Our products sell because people know the name. Why settle for inferior products when you can easily sell the best? Woodendummy products carry a life time guarantee on all dummy bodies, and a limited warranty on all arms, legs, and frames, subject to being used as recommended. Start expanding your business today! Contact us now to learn more about our wholesale pricing structure.



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