Outdoor Anchor Style Woodendummy

The outdoor anchor style wooden dummy is partly fixed into the ground. It requires a permanent site in the garden - a steel anchor 1m in length is fixed into the ground permanently.  This woodendummy has height adjustment so that people of different heights can practice.


  • This wooden dummy is deal for hard and soft application of techniques.
  • Personalised sizes be made upon request
  • The Body has been treated with high quality yacht varnish
  • Solid Wood body
  • We can design dummies around your needs – send us a sketch or brief description and we will do the rest.

Product Specification:

  • Interchangeable Base: Body, legs, arms and the stainless steel metal attachment of this wooden dummy can be easily used with the freestanding dummy base. it is therefore possible to use this dummy in the garden during the summer and transfer the body and attachments to the house using the free standing base during the winter.
  • Height: Adjustable - The anchor fixing is made of 5mm steel and is fixed 1m into the ground.
  • Body:
    • 1.45m in length
    • 200mmm in diameter
  • Leg: extends 350mm from the body and is made of stainless steel
  • Arms:  the hardwood arms extend 320mm from the dummy body and incorporate slight movement within the design.

Certificate of patent registration No - 2094074

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