Single Dummy Spring Arm Woodendummy

Single Dummy Spring Arm Woodendummy

This is our uniquely designed-leather clad and padded spring arms. You will not find this product anywhere else in the world.


•A permanent location is essential. 

•Perfect for beginners and professional martial artists alike

•Can be easily attached to the wall.

•Ideal for practicing many different movements like Huen sau, Kau-sau, Tok sau, Single Sticky Hands, Pak-sau etc.

•Authentic product 

•Perfect for the application of soft and hard techniques

•Treated with top quality yacht varnish


•Sizes can be made to your exact specifications

•Give us a call today and we will do our best to help you in the right direction

Product specification:


•The body and wall attachments are 250mm in length  and have been treated with high quality durable yacht varnish


•The leather cladding enables the practitioner to slide right to the base of the dummy spring arm.

•The hardwood arm extends 300mm from the dummy body



Woodendummy - Faster and suppler than ever before. For general enquiries and orders contact: 07776287498 or email conrad@woodendummy.co.uk

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