Spring Loaded Leather padded dummy Head

After years of designing and playing with the concept we have finally created the ultimate accompaniment for our dummies. It is possible to strike the padded spring loaded neck or head, whilst also trapping an arm of the dummy - like in real life.

This item can either be ordered separately and attached to your existing dummy (please note that a hole is required to be drilled in your existing dummy) or bought with one of our dummies and attached by us. It comes with a black leather covering over padding around a high tensile spring, which can be struck with either the closed or open knife hand.

The main part of the head is made of solid hardwood covered in padding and black leather. This can also be struck in many different ways including palm hand, finger jab, back fist, punch, knife hand, reverse knife etc - the list could go one and on.

We suggest you try it yourself and experience the true to life feel of this innovative design


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