Woodendummy Arms Hardwood

Woodendummy Arms - Hardwood

  • Set of three hardwood woodendummy arms made in high quality joinery quality Beech.
  • Combine these arms with the woodendummy stainless steel leg enables the practitioner to build their own high quality woodendummy at little cost. The next step is to drill three holes into your required dummy body ready for the arms.
  • Supplied in two different lengths.


The regular arms are 300mm in length from body to tip.


  • The extra long arms are 440mm in length from body to tip.
  • There is a further 300mm on each arm that passes through the woodendummy body.
  • Supplied with three pegs for the securing at the rear.


Please email or telephone if you require a special size made.
We will require the diameter of your dummy body when ordering.
We will then manufacture them to fit your dummy.
This will incur a nominal fee of £10

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