Woodendummy Arms Elmwood

Wooden dummy Arms - Elmwood

The wooden dummy arms are crafted from Elm wood from sustainable sources.

Supplied as a set of three arms

Each arm is supplied with a locking pin/peg

Elm was traditionally used in the countryside houses and temples of China. It is an ideal choice when choosing a high quality product at an affordable price.



Base 6.5cm Dia.

Tip 3.5cm Dia.

Length: 30.5cm.


Recommendations when making your own dummy!

Ensure that the holes in the body allow slight movement of the arms. The Distance between the two top arms: 23 cm when open, 20cm when closed.


If you need a different model or configuration, we can also offer you a custom made wooden dummy. Get in touch and we will quote you a price.


There will also be import duty to pay on receipt of the dummy, unless the item is already in stock. Please contact your local FEDEX to learn the exact amount and contact us to see if the dummy is in stock before ordering.


Woodendummy - Faster and suppler than ever before. For general enquiries and orders contact: 07776287498 or email conrad@woodendummy.co.uk

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