Woodendummy Base 1000 x 750mm

The woodendummy base can be used in combination with all other dummies except the solid or half dummies. In particular if this base is used with the anchor dummy it enables the Wooden dummy body, arms and leg to be removed from the anchor base and taken into the house or garage during cold rainy days, or simply taken to demonstrations.


  • Base is supplied with an attachment as shown in the photographs. This can be used to fit all dummy bodies. A 50mm diameter hole is required at the base of the dummy.
  • Drill piece can be supplied at a small extra charge of £50
  • High quality
  • Treated with high quality highly durable yacht varnish

Product Specification:

  • Deep: 150 mm
  • Wide: 750mm
  • Length: 1000mm


Woodendummy - Faster and suppler than ever before. For general enquiries and orders contact: 07776287498 or email conrad@woodendummy.co.uk

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